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Principles of Ventilation


    Comprehensive booklet on ventilation to provide industry with the expertise needed to plan and maintain ventilation to perform work safely in several types of confined spaces.



Our Mission

Bring proper ventilation to the forefront of confined space work

Make ventilation for work in confined space more efficient

Educate workers, planners and supervisors on efficient way's to ventilate

Keep compliance with ministry of labor regulations on ventilation




    Having accumulated a lifetime of experience as a  boilermaker, working as a foreman on numerous plant shutdown activities, construction sites and maintenance programs with a career that spans 4 decades, I have realized that there is very little documentation regarding the practical aspects of how to  ventilate confined spaces.

       Over the years, Training and Requirements to work  inside confined spaces have grown in leaps and bounds, but there is very little documentation regarding the philosophy and methodology of ventilating the confined space.

     Ventilation should be an integral part of every confined space entry plan, but it is often overlooked, especially regarding its effectiveness and the impact it can have on the working environment.

      With today’s focus on safety in the workplace, I became more interested in proper ventilation for the comfort and safety of the work crews.  As a foreman I have been exposed to many jobs  involving a variety of different types of confined space entries. I found one common factor “Workers comfort translated to safer and better production”.

       In summary the methods for ventilating a confined space, are usually ineffective and rarely planned.  With the booklet “Principles of Ventilation”  most plans are easy to execute and maintain.

      This booklet provides improved ventilation techniques to establish cleaner working atmosphere resulting in a safer, more ergonomic and productive environment.


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